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NEW! MimioVote Assessment Sysmimiovotetem

What if your assessment tools could accurately measure student understanding on the spot, with maximum class participation?

Why the MimioVote￿￿assessment system does it better for you:

  • Track progress through instant feedback as well as scores tallied over time.
  • Download student results into spreadsheets and lesson plans, for clear achievement records.
  • Place handsets anywhere in the storage tray to renumber automatically.
  • Ensure student accuracy, since only appropriate answer buttons light up.
  • Choose teacher-led or self-paced testing.
  • Count on excellent testing options for all grades.
  • Easily import standard tests and publisher's content.
  • Take advantage of the system's compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Each handset has a Lithium-Ion battery which recharges when placed in storage tray.

Easy to use! Students can use the handsets with one or two hands, or can place them flat on a desk.

What if you knew when your students "got it"?
  • Get real-time results and eliminate manual test correction.
  • Chart your students' progress anytime.
  • Quick-poll students during a lesson to see who's getting it and who needs a little more help.
Configure quizzes and tests to fit your needs.
  • Use MimioStudio templates or Microsoft PowerPoint to create a teacher-led or self-paced test with your own content.
  • Import state-standardised question banks and publisher's content.

MimioHub receiver integrates automatically with your MimioVote system.

The MimioVote system is portable, expandable and convenient.
  • Move the system between classrooms in its sturdy carrying case.
  • Choose between 24 or 32 handsets.
  • Combine MimioVote trays to test larger groups.
  • Never replace batteries - you save time and money and reduce waste.

Smarter technology saves you time and effort. The MimioHub  wireless receiver integrates automatically with the MimioVote system,  allowing the system to send data instantly to your computer.