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MimioPad Wireless Tablet

What if you could walk around your classroom while teaching from the whiteboard?

When a lesson is flowing and your students are excited, you want to be on the move. With a MimioPad￿￿wireless tablet, you can control your whiteboard from anywhere in your classroom. It  comes with a wireless USB receiver that communicates automatically with  the MimioTeach system. That means the simple MimioStudio toolbars and  menus are the samemimiopad for both products.

Here￿™s how the MimioPad tablet works:
  • Turn the tablet on and you can immediately control your whiteboard from anywhere in your classroom.
  • Walk anywhere you like, up to 9 metres (30 feet) away.
  • Write, point and click on the tablet with the MimioPad stylus.

With a MimioPad tablet, you can pay special attention to individual students without giving up control of the lesson.

MimioPad technology helps you encourage student participation.

Because you￿™re free to move around, you can pay special attention to  individual students and manage your classroom more effectively. And  multiple tablets can be connected to one computer. Students love to take turns using a MimioPad tablet and click on the whiteboard without  leaving their seats. Additionally, the system enables students with  limited mobility to participate without going to the whiteboard.

The MimioPad tablet is lightweight and easy to handle.

Like all Mimio products, the MimioPad system is designed to be  convenient and portable. The tablet shape fits nicely in your hand, so  using it feels natural. Shortcut keys on the MimioPad screen give you  access to MimioStudio software tools quickly and easily.